Amy Desiato


Amy Desiato, Student Services Manager

Describe what you do in your current position: In my position as Student Services Manager, I try to create a seamless working connection between teachers and students. Included in this interconnection, I enable a streamlined cooperation of both school policy and parent/student needs. Furthermore, in this capacity, I create an open network for Inquiries, Registration and Recital Performance/Planning.

Included in my daily activities is the matching of students over the age of 5 interested in piano, guitar, voice, or wind instruments with private or group lessons with the right teacher/s.

How long have you worked for Turtle Bay? How long in your current position? Since 2013.

Describe other work experience or education: Previously I was a professional dancer performing with three National and two International Touring companies. Additionally, I was Assistant Director and Dance Captain under the direction of Kevin Hill Artistic Dir. of North Shore Music Theater and Theater By The Sea.

Have you previously or do you now hold other positions at TBMS? Yes, I was Operations Manager for two years from 2015-2017 and Front Desk Supervisor from 2013-2015.

What is your favorite thing about Turtle Bay Music School? My favorite thing about TBMS is all the musicians and artists! I feel at home!

What is your favorite Turtle Bay memory and/or event? I have many, but so far I have enjoyed watching all the young singers and musicians prepare for their recitals and performances!

Do you play any instruments? Describe any musical background you may want to share! I wish I did play an instrument. I had to sing to be in musicals, and I worked many hours to perfect anything I was given to sing!

What is your favorite song and/or piece of music? I truly LOVE music, from Prokofiev and Leonard Bernstein to the Beatles and Katy Perry. You name it and I’ll listen, with few exceptions. I think my favorite song or piece of music depends on my mood or what I’m doing. For relaxation, Beethoven’s Piano Concerto #5 or Frank Sinatra’s version of “Where or When” from Sinatra at the Sands. The list is long….

Who is your favorite composer/songwriter? Favorite composer is also hard to choose, but I think Leonard Bernstein is up on my top 10!

Where are you from? Kentucky, the old Blue Grass State. Yeeeehaaaaaw!

Favorite color: Red

Favorite food: Cheeeeeeese

Pets? Kids? Family members? Nope, no pets or kids.

Any other fun facts you’d like to include! I’m hoping to get certified as a personal trainer or fitness instructor some time in the near future!!!!