Amy Desiato


Amy Desiato, Student Services Manager

Describe your role at TBMS: As Student Services Manager, I register all students and oversee payment for tuition. It's important to me to make a good teacher-student match. I consider student age, beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Personalities matter too. All teacher, parent, and student questions and concerns come to my desk. Happily most of my emails and calls are good news. The most rewarding part of my job is organizing all the Young Artist recitals and Performance Hours for Adults. Sometimes I MC these events and a couple of times performed myself. The whole staff enjoys these evenings and the most magical part of my job is to watch students grow into performers it's what makes this job rewarding.

Why is music important to you? Like everyone who works at Turtle Bay, I love music. It's the universal language, Music brings communities together, makes you feel a part of something greater, sparks memory, lifts up your spirit, it's a celebration of life. Because we are a nonprofit we can offer music to so many people who want to learn,and might not otherwise have a chance. Another reason coming to work everyday is so fullfilling.

What is your background? I've been a dancer all my life. I went pro at 7 years old in Fiddler on the Roof. Danced my way through 8 years in a ballet company, danced and sang my way across the U.S,, Canada, Mexico and Europe in musicals like "Cats", "Evita", and "Peter Pan". Music gives a dancer life. I draw upon the discipline and hard work I learned from my career as a dancer/singer in my life at Turtle Bay Music School and want to pass on my love of music and performance to everyone who walks through the Turtle Bay doors.