Bonita Jackson


Bonita Jackson, Operations Manager

Describe what you do in your current position: As Operations Manager I oversee the day-to-day operations of the school and the front desk. I look after our lovely house (the school)! I work with our vendors to ensure that the school is in great condition, so that students have a safe environment to learn in. Along with my reception duties, I am also responsible for maintaining the room schedules, ordering supplies, processing registrations, and providing administrative support to other staff members.

How long have you worked for Turtle Bay? How long in your current position? I have worked for Turtle Bay since March of 2012, and I’ve worked as Operations Manager since June of 2012. I’m thrilled to be part of the TBMS family!

Describe other work experience or education: I studied theatre at Howard University in Washington, D.C. from 2005-2007. In 2009, I received my BFA from Pace University in New York City.

Have you previously or do you now hold other positions at TBMS? Before being Operations Manager I was a front desk supervisor :)

What is your favorite thing about Turtle Bay Music School? My favorite thing is seeing people of all ages, races, and cultures walk through the front doors. It reinforces that music is truly a universal language that, along with other art forms, can bring people together.

What is your favorite Turtle Bay memory and/or event? PERFORM-A-THON! It is incredible!

Do you play any instruments? Describe any musical background you may want to share! I do not play an instrument at the moment. But I hope to start playing the piano again in the near future. In the past I did a lot of musical theatre.

What is your favorite song and/or piece of music? Hmm, right now I’m between “Breakaway” by Irma Thomas, “I Need You Now” by Smokie Norful, and “My Girl” by The Temptations! Hard to choose…these may be different tomorrow!

Who is your favorite composer/songwriter? Charles Mingus and Stevie Wonder

Where are you from? Minnesota!

Favorite color: Lilac

Favorite food: Lamb with rice, and Pizza Hut breadsticks!

Pets? Kids? Family members? No pets and no children. I have a beautiful family in the Midwest.

Any other fun facts you’d like to include! I love theater! And I am obsessed with Schweppes Ginger Ale!