<span>City Voices Ensemble</span>
"I learned how important understanding the lyrics of a piece is in order to properly perform with emotions. I also learned the importance of listening to the rest of the ensemble while singing. This is to ensure 1) you are singing the correct pitches, 2) if you forget the pitch and/or lyrics, you can listen in, and 3) to blend with everyone else."
Genesis Flores City Voices Ensemble

"[Kailee-Jade] is headed in the right direction when it comes to pursuing her dream. I thank Turtle Bay, for allowing her to participate in your program. Your school is part of the reason she is so focused and determined to reach her goal. I thank you sincerely."
Jenette Santana Mother

City Voices Ensemble (CVE) is a full-scholarship choral program open to motivated young women ages 13-18 from all boroughs of New York City. Directed by vocal performance faculty member Kelly Campbell, CVE imparts confidence, self-esteem, vocal excellence and teamwork through the frameworks of choral music education and creative youth development.

Students accepted to the program receive personalized training and coaching around healthy vocal techniques, proper breathing, and voice placement, and choreography and explore a variety of musical genres including musical theater, classical, hip-hop, and contemporary. CVE prepares students for professional performance by providing them multiple performance opportunities at TBMS and in other music and theatre venues throughout the city.

CVE strives to foster lifelong friendships by engaging singers in teamwork through part singing. Ensemble members are encouraged to invest in their own artistic growth and the overall growth of the ensemble as they work through the challenges of putting on gorgeous and creative vocal performances.

We strive to support students' social and emotional development, as well as their academic and artistic needs while working toward becoming a society where music education is available to all who want it. We aim to empower all those who are a part of our program to be confident, creative leaders through rigorous artistic practice, academic enrichment, and a commitment to equity through the arts.

CVE takes place Friday afternoons starting October 19, 2018. Applicants for the 2018-2019 season are currently being considered on a case by case basis.

For more information, please contact Assistant Director of CVE Mayelyn Perdomo Santos at or 212-753-8811 ext. 215 OR Community Programs Manager Sarah Grosman at or 212-753-8811 ext. 220

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The application deadline is Saturday, January 6, 2018. Auditions will take place on Friday, January 12 and 19, 2018.

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