Diane Couzens


Diane Couzens, Development Manager

Describe what you do in your current position: As the Development Manager, I oversee the School’s fundraising efforts by developing relationships with individuals, foundations, corporations, and government entities. It’s wonderful because I get to know a lot of different people and connect with them over a shared passion for music and music education.

How long have you worked for Turtle Bay? How long in your current position? I joined the team in June 2016.

Describe other work experience or education: Previously, I was a Senior Associate in Development at New York City Ballet for three years. Before NYCB, I was in graduate school and held internships and part-time jobs at various institutions including the Ravinia Festival, the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, and the University of Illinois School of Music.

What is your favorite thing about Turtle Bay Music School? The people!

What is your favorite Turtle Bay memory and/or event? I enjoyed seeing a recent PHA; I really appreciate how much courage and energy it takes to be on stage making music, and I loved how all the performers were so enthusiastic and proud of sharing their talents!

Do you play any instruments? Describe any musical background you may want to share! I began playing the flute when I was nine, and have a Master’s of Music from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor’s of Music from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

What is your favorite song and/or piece of music? That changes often, depending on what I’m currently listening to. I love to listen to Rachmaninoff’s Second and Third Piano Concertos and Copland’s Appalachian Spring. A few of my favorite pieces to play are any of the Bach flute sonatas and Prokofiev’s Flute Sonata.

Who is your favorite composer/songwriter? There are too many to list. Right now I’m listening to Brahms and The Revivalists.

Where are you from? I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and moved to New Jersey in 2014.

Favorite color: Green.

Favorite food: A good veggie burger with fries.

Pets? Kids? Family members? Do houseplants count?

Any other fun facts you’d like to include! On weekends, you can usually find me hiking or cooking.