Fundraising Tips

Turtle Bay Music School’s 12th Annual Perform-A-Thon

May 18, 19, 20, & 21, 2017


 Perform-A-Thon Fundraising Tips

  1. Stay positive! Your positive energy and enthusiasm help encourage others to donate.
  2. Set a goal. Family and friends will respond to helping you reach your fundraising goals. Decide on a number, and go for it! Remember, the minimum to participate is $40.
  3. Make it personal. Tell your potential donors about why you love TBMS and want to help!
  4. Don’t be nervous about asking for money. Reach out to everyone you know. You’re raising funds for a great cause that people will be happy to support.
  5. Use your musical skills. Last year, some of our students successfully collected donations by busking (playing their instruments outside). Make a sign telling people that you’re playing to raise money to support your music school! A parent or guardian should always accompany any child under 18. Please make safety your top priority.
  6. Send short weekly reminders. Email friends and family reminding them that you will be playing at the Perform-A-Thon, and invite them to attend and donate.
  7. Tap into your network. Ask your network of friends for support. They can contribute, email their friends on your behalf, and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. You can also use your own or your parents’ Facebook to reach a lot of people! Here’s a sample status: “On May ____, I’ll be playing in the Perform-A-Thon to raise funds for Turtle Bay Music School! Please support my performance and help TBMS continue to provide low-cost and free music education: make a donation today!” Include a link to TBMS’s donation page:
  8. Partner with your work place. See if your company matches employee charitable contributions. When you ask co-workers to donate money, you can tell them their donations will go even further with the company match.
  9. Involve your (parents’) coworkers. Come up with fun incentives for coworkers to donate: have a change jar on the desk to collect contributions, bring in sweet treats, or play a song to thank co-workers who donate.
  10. Plan a small event in your neighborhood. Once the weather warms up, a lemonade stand, a bake sale, or a car wash are all great and fun ways to raise money!