Lorna Jane Norris


Lorna Jane Norris, Executive Director

Describe your role at TBMS: As the Executive Director at TBMS, I lead an exceptional team of dedicated staff and teaching artists to fulfill our mission to make music education and performances accessible for everyone. During my first six months, it has been my privilege to be part of transitioning the school into a brand new, fully accessible facility, which in turn will set the stage for the second century of the TBMS journey. I am thrilled to work with the Board of Trustees and staff to create a strategy that reflect the current demands of our community, broadens our programming by adding a music-centered preschool, and deepens the impact we have through our community based program in public schools, senior centers, and through the Saturday Music Project. Watch this space, it’s going to be an exciting new chapter for TBMS, and I am grateful to be a part of it.

Why is music important to you? I love the quote, “Where words fail, music speaks.” (Hans Christian Anderson). Music is a universal language that we all speak. It’s the soundtrack of our lives. It accompanies our joy and sorrow, and has a unique ability to bring us back to seminal moments in our lives in an instant. I am blessed to be a musician but you don’t have to be to realize how essential it is to our existence. I believe that it’s especially important for young children to have exposure to music as part of their education, and that engaging with music brings comfort and joy to older adults. Part of the reason I came to TBMS was the commitment the school has made to bringing music to the very young, the old, and to school age children who would otherwise have no access to music.

What is your background? My musical journey began at the piano at age 5 but I wasn’t that good at it, to be honest. It was definitely singing for me. I have worked with hundreds of teenagers and adults over the last 25 years to find their singing voice, and it was this that led me to field of arts administration. Previous to working at TBMS, I was the VP of Education at South Shore Conservatory in MA. I am a graduate of the Longy School of Music, and was honored to be a participant in the inaugural Community Arts Education Leadership Institute CAELI, a program of the National Guild of Community Arts Education (NGCAE).