May Perdomo Santos

Mayelyn Perdomo Santos, Programs Assistant

Describe your role at TBMS: I am the programs assistant at TBMS. I work in the Programs office supporting our student services manager and community programs manager. This can mean working on day to day tasks such as recording registrations and attendance or helping facilitate larger programs such as our Saturday Music Project. My job allows me to help things run more efficiently in our office so that both faculty and students can have a better music learning experience at the Bay.

Why is music important to you? Music is important because it communicates for us (and to us) on an emotional level and in such a special way that plain language and ordinary sound lack. It crisscrosses cultural lines and brings us together. TBMS is a home for the community that music creates.

What is your background? I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature at Hunter College, observing public school classrooms throughout my studies. My academic experience coupled with my work in musical theater has allowed me to look at an artistic endeavor both through an administrative and creative lens.