Meet the director

Whendy Carter

Whendy Carter

Describe your role at TBMS: My role as Director of The Preschool at TBMS is to lead a strong team effort creating an outstanding new program in the neighborhood. There are many important facets of the work, but based on my experience three are especially key. The first is to build, retain, and inspire an outstanding teaching staff. A great school must have great teachers. The second is to establish an open and effective relationship with the parent community, whose enthusiastic support is essential to success. The third is to develop strong ex-mission placement, so that families considering our school will have confidence that we provide a good foundation for kindergarten. Achieving these three goals will help us make The Preschool at TBMS a great school.

Why is music important to you? One of the most important and helpful aspects of our journey in creating The Preschool at TBMS is TBMS’s history and reputation in the field of music. I have always regarded music as an essential element in any successful preschool program. A Turtle Bay Music School we have an unmatched opportunity to make music a signature ingredient in the day-to-day life and culture of the institution. Our preschool children will come to understand why music truly is a gift!

What is your background? I have a unique background in early childhood education, working over the years at multiple successful preschools in Manhattan. I founded one school, The Church of the Epiphany Day School on the Upper East Side, and I served in senior positions at several other leading preschools in the city.

I recently enhanced that experience by spending two years as Director and Division Head at one of the leading private schools on the West Coast, the Harker School in San Jose, CA. Now back in Manhattan, I am very much looking forward to founding a new preschool that will become part of the remarkable Turtle Bay Music School!

Want to learn more or receive more information about the Preschool at TBMS? Contact Whendy Carter at or 212-753-8811 ext. 240.