Meredith-Lyn Avey


Meredith-Lyn Avey, Development Associate

Describe your role at TBMS:I’m part of the development team at TBMS working to keep our programs fully operating and our doors fully open through fundraising. I love seeing the connection people have to their art, and I love seeing a community of people uphold artistic and creative value. I also love being part of a larger scheme that aims to maintain the arts in people’s lives. Access to the arts is crucial, sometimes life changing and even saving, and I view it as a human right.

Why is music important to you?  Like most art forms, music is important because it is another way we all can connect to one another. Music provokes thought, works our emotions, and provides another language in which we can express ourselves. Then there is the cross learning that music and the arts possess - the ability to apply artistic learning and creative problem solving to life’s scenarios, schooling, and professions.

What is your background? I have been very fortunate to have the arts in my life and within my education growing up. I hold a degree in Dance Performance, and I understand the need for artistic pursuit and the benefits of applying oneself through their creativity and the support that takes from the side of an artist. Although I hold an MS in Nonprofit Management, I credit my background and experiences as an artist, arts facilitator, and administrator in preparing me for the role I now hold.