Nick Birmelin

Nick Birmelin, Front Desk Manager

Describe your role at TBMS: My role as Front Desk Manager is to assist our students, faculty and renters in finding where they need to go for their lesson, rental or meeting within the school. My duties include opening the building, taking payments, keeping track of and overseeing the various projects within the school and reporting back to the Operations Manager. Any questions outside of my area of knowledge I will forward the staff member that would be most able to provide definitive answers.

Why is music important to you? I am a percussionist and have been working as a percussion instructor, Orff Shulwerk instructor and Outreach faculty at TBMS for the past 8 years. Through my own experiences I have grown to further understand the great importance of music for all ages. I am happy to be working in a place that makes music accessible to all.

What is your background? I attended Berklee School of Music in Boston and have been playing and teaching in New York for about 20 years. I have studied and played in Brazil, Cuba, China, and throughout the United States. At Turtle Bay Music School and throughout my life I have worn many hats, one of them being the Front Desk Manager on an as-needed basis. I am looking forward to continuing to contribute my varied skills to TBMS.