Patti Onorato


Patti Onorato, Early Childhood Coordinator

Describe your role at TBMS: As TBMS Early Childhood Coordinator and faculty member, I’ve had the privilege of working with many children and families. My job is to guide families and their young ones as they make their journey in musical studies. I love to nurture a child’s love of music and see them grow up in our school. And, I have been at TBMS long enough to see some of them off to high school and college!

I also collaborate with my fellow faculty members, and together we’ve developed performances and programs such as: Linny Bird and her Dreamworld, Group Piano, Carnival of the Instruments, Orffestra, World Music & Dance, Summer at the Bay, and most recently, Musical Mornings: A Prelude to Preschool.

Why is music important to you? Through my studies in the Orff Schulwerk and teaching, I have experienced how music comes naturally to children, and as the Orff philosophy states, this innate musical ability only needs to be nurtured. Every child and adult deserves to have music in their life, as music is a source for joy and connection to others in the community.

What is your background? I graduated from the Manhattan School of Music, and moved on to work as a singer, actor, music director and musician in the U.S. and overseas, with composers, performance artists, rock bands, and in the circus! I often refer back to my eclectic and fun-filled background when teaching, and to assure parents there are so many paths one can take on a musical journey!