A Typical Day

Where the language of music shapes young hearts and minds.

Most aspects of the daily routine are present in every classroom; the greatest difference between the younger and the older sections is the content and time on task for activities. As your child matures, his or her ability to spend more time on an activity increases. It is our role as educators to track and support your child’s growth in these areas.

Your child will experience the joy of music in many different ways throughout the day, as music is interwoven throughout our routines and activities. Music, a universal language, enriches our environment and is accessible for even our youngest preverbal learners.


Arrival time is one of the most important parts of the day. Getting to school on time allows your child to settle in and have some unstructured time before the classroom schedule gets under way. Allowing extra time for getting out of the house guarantees a slower pace on your way to school.

Morning Meeting

The morning meeting is a time when the class comes together and shares plans for the day.  Teachers also use this time to deliver whole group messages. Typically 5 minutes is enough for our youngest students and 20 minutes is expected of our most senior students. During this meeting teachers will take attendance and ask members of the class to participate in variety of ways.

Classroom Time

Classroom time is the main activity for  the morning and children will explore new and familiar areas at their own leisure. Offering materials in an open ended fashion allows children to make their own choices. Math and literacy are intentionally supported and assessed during classroom time. All children grow and learn if given the right combination of tools. Over time your child’s teachers will assess and evaluate their early development. Our assessment tools will be used to understand and track your child’s growth.

Music Specialty

Every class will have a daily visit from one of Turtle Bay’s music specialists. These classes will include instruction in movement, percussion, vocal development, world music, yoga, Dalcroze, and Orff Schulwerk.

Snack Time

For our students, it’s the first pause of the morning and, for many a moment to slow down and refuel. We offer a nutritious snack that will carry your child through until lunch time. Our teachers will support all aspects of snack time include pouring and eating. Many children who come to school have never independently fed themselves. Your child’s teachers will help them in such a manner that feels non judgemental. We will meet your child wherever they are!

Outdoor Play

Our students who attend our program Monday through Friday will enjoy our outdoor time at St. Vartan Park. It’s our neighborhood playground and has a sweet, low-key feel to the environment.