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This fun adult group course is open to all experience levels! Participants will learn the fundamentals of music making, including rhythm and pitch, in a lively, interactive class using percussion, movement, and voice.

The course is structured for:

  • Adults who have always wanted to play music but haven’t known where to start
  • Those who used to play, haven’t practiced in a while and would like to find their way back
  • Parents of students at Turtle Bay to help them connect with their kids’ musical experiences.

Here’s a message to potential students from faculty member Deborah Auer: “Maybe you play an instrument, but think you can’t sing. Maybe you sing, but think you can’t play a rhythm instrument. Let’s challenge those misconceptions you’ve been carrying around since 5th grade!”

8-week course begins in January.

Taught by Deborah Auer.

$320 + $45 reg. fee

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