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This fun adult group course is open to all experience levels! Participants will learn the fundamentals of music making, including rhythm and pitch, in a lively, interactive class using percussion, movement, and voice.

The course is structured for:

  • Adults who have always wanted to play music but haven't known where to start
  • Those who used to play, haven't practiced in a while and would like to find their way back
  • Parents of students at Turtle Bay to help them connect with their kids' musical experiences.

Here's a message to potential students from faculty member Deborah Auer: "Maybe you play an instrument, but think you can't sing. Maybe you sing, but think you can't play a rhythm instrument. Let's challenge those misconceptions you've been carrying around since 5th grade!"

8-week course begins in January.

Taught by Deborah Auer.

$320 + $45 reg. fee


How do I get started?

To find the right group class for you, please fill out this secure form. This form will be received by a member of our placement team. This form will be received by a member of our placement team. It provides us all the information we need to place your child effectively and is the quickest way to generate an inquiry.

Alternatively, email or call Student Services Manager Amy Desiato at amy@tbms.org or 212-753-8811 ext. 213.