GROUP PIANO FOR TEENS: Ages 13-18 years


GROUP PIANO FOR TEENS: Ages 13-18 years

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Product Description

In Group Piano for Teens, teen beginners proceed through an age-appropriate introductory curriculum. The one-year course prepares teens for private study.

Our group piano program brings students together to learn from each other in a supportive, collaborative environment. In our piano lab classroom, each student plays on a full-sized digital piano, offering an individual experience with the instrument as well as the opportunity to play as an ensemble. Students motivate one another to grow as musicians, sharing what they learn as they play for each other and take the first steps towards performance.

Group piano classes incorporate instruction in proper playing technique, music theory, note reading, and the basics of improvisation to create a solid foundation for future private study. Students are placed according to age.

This 24-week program is split into two sequential levels of twelve weeks each. Fall courses start in October.

Classes are offered Monday through Saturday.

Full-year registration: $1,068 + $70 reg. fee.

Half-year registrations: $534 + $45 reg. fee.

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