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This class is for the younger player who would like to develop their fundamentals and ensemble skills for future participation in orchestra and chamber music. Students learn the basics of working in a group setting, which includes rehearsal techniques and the communication with fellow musicians through breath and movement. Placement is based on age and level and repertoire will be chosen accordingly. This class is a great head start for students who are eager to play in a group but are still developing their note-reading and technique. Students should be at least in Suzuki Book 2 or the equivalent.

The study of chamber music enhances but does not replace private lessons. Students must also be studying privately to enroll in this program.


How do I get started?

To find the right group class for your child/children/grandchildren, please fill out this secure form. This form will be received by a member of our placement team. It provides us all the information we need to place your child effectively and is the quickest way to generate an inquiry.

Alternatively, email or call Student Services Manager Amy Desiato at or 212-753-8811 ext. 213.