MUSIC THEORY: Ages 6-12 years

MUSIC THEORY: Ages 6-12 years



Students are introduced to music theory, including note-reading, solfege, triads, seventh chords, and voice leading. Music Theory is an excellent supplementary course for students taking private lessons in any instrument. Classes are divided by age, with one section for ages 6 - 8 and another section for ages 9 - 12. Students use theory knowledge to explore composition through improvisation on their instruments.

12-week course begins in September.

$570 + $45 reg. fee

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How do I get started?

To find the right group class for your child/children/grandchildren, please fill out this secure form. This form will be received by a member of our placement team. It provides us all the information we need to place your child effectively and is the quickest way to generate an inquiry.

Alternatively, email or call Group Class and Early Childhood Coordinator Patti Onorato at or 212-753-8811 ext. 214.