SUMMER TUNEFUL SEQUENCE III: Kindergarten – 1st grade

SUMMER TUNEFUL SEQUENCE III: Kindergarten – 1st grade


The Tuneful Sequence Program is based on Orff Schulwerk, a holistic approach to teaching children music through singing, storytelling, movement, rhythmic work, instrumental ensembles, improvisation and music theory. This sequential program is designed to grow with your child as they learn to express themselves musically in increasingly challenging (but still fun!) ways. Classes are based on the idea that all children have an innate musical sense and need only a little guidance to nurture that ability.

Classes scheduled at convenient morning and afternoon times. Please call (212) 753-8811 for more information.

45 min. class = $44.50/class
Summer registration fee of $20 applied to first class.

TUNEFUL SEQUENCE III • Kindergarten – 1st grade

Children play games that teach basic music theory, create music in small instrumental ensembles, and improvise melodies on solo instruments such as the piano and recorder. Maximum nine students per class.

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