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Our Suzuki Strings Program is founded on the philosophies of Japanese violinist and pedagogue Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, who believed that “every child can.” The method is based on the language-learning model of the Mother Tongue in which all children learn their native language through exposure and imitation and further develop skills through repetition, encouragement, and refinement. In this program, students receive one private lesson and one group class per week. Additionally, students  participate in masterclasses, solo recitals, group concerts, and practice challenges each semester. This program emphasizes the relationship between the parent/ guardian and the student, and adult attendance is required at all classes in order to help the student practice.

17 weeks of private lessons and 12 weeks of group class. Fall semester begins in September.

SUZUKI VIOLIN, VIOLA & CELLO • Ages 4 & up (students under 4 may be accepted provided they have taken a 12-week  Carnival of the Instruments  Pre-Requisite)
Students studying violin, viola, or cello in our Suzuki Strings Progam take both a weekly private lesson and a weekly group lesson, scheduled on separate days. Students may choose to take 30, 45, or 60 minute private lessons. Group classes are 45 minutes long. Suzuki students participate in one solo recital and one group class concert each semester with additional monthly performance opportunities also available.

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How do I get started?

To get started, please fill out the Private Lesson Inquiry Form. This gives our placement team all the information we need to begin a personalized placement process and is the quickest way to generate an inquiry. Because finding the right teacher for you or your child is paramount, a key component of the placement process is a trial lesson. This gives you an opportunity to meet the faculty member and ascertain whether their teaching style and personality are a good match for you or your child. We also realize that lessons need to fit within your busy schedule with ease. Upon receipt of your form, a member of our placement team will reach out to you.

Alternatively, email or call Student Services Manager Amy Desiato at or 212-753-8811 ext. 213.