We are thrilled to announce that TBMS will be moving into a brand-new, customized, accessible space! The new location is located at 330 East 38th Street, convenient to Grand Central, and is scheduled to open on September 15, the first day of the fall semester.

TBMS's mission is to spread the transformative power of music with all in the community who seek it, and this bold new chapter will allow us to better fulfill this mission by being physically accessible to all populations and abilities. It will also provide the space we need to grow our existing programs and deepen our impact through new initiatives.

Check this page throughout the summer to see updates on construction and news information.

To view the floor plan of the new space, or see our FAQs, go to the bottom of this page.


September 11: Finishing touches!
September 5: Carpet, paint, and a front desk
August 31: Measuring tape and bathroom tiles
August 7: Things are really taking shape!
July 18: Spotlight on: The stage
July 11: We have walls!
June 27: 85% framed
June 20: A future studio in the works
May 25: Floors, glorious floors
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