Addie Deppa

About: Addie Deppa

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  • Role : Strings
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  • Specialist in : Violin and Viola

Why do you teach? As individuals we perceive the world only through the words we have to describe it and the more languages one knows, the deeper and broader their understanding of what they feel, and experience becomes because they have the means to form it into thoughts and emotions. Some languages have words that express emotions that don’t exist in others and could never be comprehended by someone who did not speak that language. Music is a language that allows individuals to experience new emotions and put them into phrases and structures that form comprehensive thoughts that everyone everywhere can recognize. I teach music because it allows individuals the opportunity to communicate on a deeper level within themselves and articulate their understanding to others. Music opens the soul and is a language that can change the way one sees the world.

Teaching Biography:Addie Deppa is a certified Suzuki teacher and previously lived and taught in Cleveland Ohio for 5 years at private schools as well as El Sistema after school programs. She has been teaching here in NYC for the past year at various schools both in Manhattan and Brooklyn. In addition to violin and viola she also teaches music theory. Dr. Suzuki’s quote “Beautiful tone, beautiful heart” has always been a corner stone in her teaching. She believes children are so sensitive and once they are exposed to beauty, they will never forget and whatever they decide to do with their lives, they will always strive to make it beautiful!

Performance Biography: Addie Deppa received both her bachelor’s and Professional studies degrees in music performance from Cleveland Institute of Music in Cleveland Ohio. Previously she held positions in local orchestras such as Akron Symphony, Erie Philharmonic and has played and worked with members of the Cleveland orchestra as well as performing at different venues in New York such as the Basilica of St. Patrick’s old Cathedral.