Julie Desbordes

About: Julie Desbordes

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  • Role : Winds, Brass, & Percussion
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  • Specialist in : Saturday Music Project Faculty (Clarinet)

Instrument you teach: Trumpet, Theory, and Orchestra.

Do you play any other instrument in your spare time? A little bit of piano.

Education: Masters degrees in Trumpet Performance and Conducting.

Where are you from? France

Favorite age group to teach: All ages!

Favorite style of music to teach: Classical.

Favorite song: Hard to pick one! Don’t think I have a favorite song…

Favorite piece of music: Same answer. But I am especially fond of Brahms.

Favorite food: I especially like French, Spanish, Italian and Thai food!

Favorite color: Rainbow.

What’s your favorite musical memory? My first ever music teacher used to come to class with his two dogs, who would sleep by the piano during each of our lessons. I learned a lot from him, and his dogs were very cute!

What do you like best about teaching music? The fact that it is an international language that can be taught and learned anywhere in the world.

Who is your favorite composer or musician? Hard to pick one, but probably Brahms. And I am also a big admirer of Maestro Carlos Kleiber (conductor).

What was the first piece of music you ever learned? Summertime.

How many hours a day do you practice? From 2 to 4 hours.

How long have you been at TBMS? In September 2015.

List any competitions, musical accomplishments, roles, performances of note, etc. that you’d like students to know about. If you’d like to include a short official bio, do so here.

Originally from Limoges, France, Julie Desbordes is a fast rising conductor known for her engaging style, energetic interpretations and emotional communication with her musicians and audiences. Currently Artistic Director of QUO (the Queer Urban Orchestra) in New York City, her recent international appearances as a guest conductor include concerts in Venezuela, Canada, Hong Kong and Macau. She is also Associate Conductor of Education and Outreach for The Chelsea Symphony (NYC).

Ms. Desbordes has a special passion for educational outreach, and is known for creating interesting programs that bring a wider and more diverse audience into concert halls. She served for many years as Site Director and Orchestra Director for New York’s The Harmony Program (El Sistema USA), and in this capacity was named “New Yorker of The Week” by Columbia University. She was one of two finalists for the Directorship of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s El Sistema Youth Orchestra program (YOLA), and has been a featured guest at El Sistema programs nationwide, most recently in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Hawaii and Connecticut.

Julie is featured in an upcoming documentary about El Sistema USA by Jamie Bernstein (daughter of Leonard Bernstein) entitled “Crescendo! The Power of Music”, to be released on Netflix in 2015. She appeared in a recent (2014) episode of the hit classical-music drama “Mozart In The Jungle”, and has been noted in El Sistema pieces by PBS, ABC and CBS.

Julie’s love for music began from the moment she picked up the cornet at age 8 in her native France.  Soon after, she was identified as a talent with the baton as well, leading to her winning conducting prizes including 1st Prize, 2nd named at the French National Conducting Competition in Paris (DADSM). She was named Co-Director of the Harmonie Municipale de Limoges at the age of 21.

Ms. Desbordes holds multiple degrees in both conducting and trumpet from each of the following: Conservatoire de Musique Limoges, Conservatoire de Musique Bordeaux and Conservatoire de Musique Montreal. Her conducting teachers include Raffi Armenian and Gustav Meier.

Any fun facts about yourself that you would like to share? I love teaching different styles of music and finding new ways to make each lesson fun. I love to help my students become better musicians and awesome human beings and to perform with joy.