Nazig Tchakarian

About: Nazig Tchakarian

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  • Role : Strings
  • Website :
  • Experience :
  • Specialist in : Violin and Viola

Name: Nazig Tchakarian.

Instrument you teach: Violin and Viola.

Do you play any other instrument in your spare time? No.

Education: I have a Masters degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music and a Doctoral degree from Stony Brook University.

Where are you from? Bulgaria, but I am of Armenian descent.

Favorite age group to teach: 5-70.

Favorite style of music to teach: Classical.

Favorite song: Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy.

Favorite piece of music: Tchaikovsky Symphony #5.

Favorite food: Chocolate.

Favorite color: Turquoise.

Do you have any pets? No.

What’s your favorite musical memory? It’s difficult to pick one as my favorite, they are so many.

What do you like best about teaching music? The look of accomplishment on my students’ faces after a successful performance.

Who is your favorite composer or musician? Shostakovich.

What was the first piece of music you ever learned? Probably Twinkle.

How many hours a day do you practice? 3 hours.

When did you start teaching at TBMS? Fall 2016.