Quenia Ribeiro

About: Quenia Ribeiro

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  • Role : Movement
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  • Specialist in : Brazilian Music & Dance, P.S. Outreach

Instrument you teach: Samba & Afro-Brazilian Dance, Creative Movement

Do you play any other instrument in your spare time? I play the Brazilian tambourine called the “pandeiro” and some “berimbau,” a Brazilian stringed instrument used in capoeira with roots in Angola.

Education: Capoeira Abada with Mestre Bom Jesus (New York, 1997 – 2006), Petrouchka Escola de Ballet (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1989-91), Dalal Aschar Ballet (Rio de Janeiro,1986-88), Escola Estadual De Dancas Maria Olenewa (Rio de Janeiro, 1980-85 ).

Where are you from? Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Favorite age group to teach:  Kids between 3 and 7, and adults of all ages.

Favorite style of dance to teach: I teach many forms of Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian Dance. I guess Samba No Pe from Rio is what I identify with the most, because I danced it so much growing up.

Favorite song: As Rosas Nao Falam, Cartola.

Favorite piece of music: Ravel’s Bolero.

Favorite food: Sushi.

Favorite color: Yellow.

What do you like best about teaching dance? I love the positive feedback I get from my students. I think movement and music are such pure forms of expression, they always demonstrate something very real about the person they’re coming from.

Who is your favorite composer or musician? Arlindo Cruz, Cartola, Adilson Bispo, Gilberto Gil.

What was the first piece of dance you ever learned?  I started ballet when I was six years old and I was very involved with it until I was about 21.

How many hours a day do you practice? I dance every day for at least two hours; in most cases I am teaching a class. I teach classes five days a week for adults at the Ailey Extension, and I just recently celebrated my 10 year anniversary teaching at Ailey.

How long have you been at TBMS?  I have been working with TBMS for about four years. I do a lot of work in the outreach programs in NYC public schools as well as working with seniors.