Sean Satin

About: Sean Satin

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  • Role : Guitar
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  • Specialist in : Guitar

Instrument you teach: Guitar


BM, Classical Guitar Performance, Manhattan School of Music

MA, Teachers College, Music Education, Columbia University

Where are you from? Brooklyn, NY

Favorite age group to teach: All

Favorite style of music to teach: Classical, rock, and heavy metal

Favorite piece of music: Bach – Chaconne

Favorite food: Lobster

Favorite color: Red

Do you have a pet? (Describe them) Two very large cats

What’s your favorite musical memory? Seeing John Williams (guitarist, not the movie guy!!) play and meeting him.

What do you like best about teaching music? Knowing that I am a part of passing down a great tradition is important to me! Music has always been a part of life from the first rumblings of the creation of the planet; I will do my best to help make sure it stays that way.

What is your favorite composer or musician? J. S. Bach

What is the first piece of music you ever learned? Stairway to Heaven

How many hours a day do you practice? Three to four hours

Accomplishments: I have played extensively throughout NY—from The Knitting Factory to Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center! I am music director for the music teen camp at MSM and Columbia. I received departmental scholarships.

Fun Facts: I play all styles of music—from classical to heavy metal. I am a huge Kiss fan—I have seen them 23 times in concert!