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Why do you teach? I am passionate about teaching music, especially when it comes to training the whole musician. This is why I love teaching the recorder and teaching voice. The recorder is a wonderful and rich instrument to reinforce skills in sight reading and music theory. I've been playing the recorder for 6 years. The recorder is wonderful for teaching music theory and preparing students for ensemble work. I am also classically trained on the voice and have sung in various genres: classical, gospel, and Broadway, to name a few.

Teaching Biography: Tammy Rodriguez holds a BMus in Music Education. She holds a certificate in Teaching Music Education given by the New State Department of Education. She has taught middle school music in NYC public and charter schools and has directed three church choirs with ages ranging from 5 to 90 years old. She has taught family recorder ensemble for 3 years. This class culminates in a performance at the yearly Turtle Bay Music School Perform-a-thon.

Performance Biography: Tammy Rodriguez has performed in various choruses. She has toured with Nyack Choral to Puerto Rico, the mid-west United States, and Florida. She has performed with the Masterworks Chorus on several occasions performing works such as Mozart's Requiem, Verdi's Requiem, and the world premiere of the Elingboe Requiem. Mrs. Rodriguez also participated in the 2018 NYC Charter School Music Festival.